Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Janus Awards

The Janus Award is a monthly custodial award for excellent performance based on the SMARTInspect System scores.

Congratulations to the Museum of Natural History/NPS led by Crew Leader, Lisa McCarrel.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Presidential Staff Service Awards

Facilities wants to give a shout out to all of the employees who received the 2013 Presidential Staff Service Awards at a luncheon on January 28th. Among those awarded from Facilities were John Anderson, Denice Bradfield, Thomas Christensen, Delmer English, Dan Keough, John McNary, Lonnie Medina, Perry Proctor, David Taylor, John Atkins, David Monte, Robert Wiscomb, Ernest Dal, Dean Mong and Harry Stout. Please congratulate them if you see them!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Caught In The Act

These employees have recently been recognized for going above and beyond expectations in Customer Service, Teamwork, Innovation, Safety, or Excellence

Keith Perry, Missy Tyrrell, Glen Nelson, Sam Robertson, Luke Williams, Todd Langston, Bill Billingsley, Colby Kalian, Zach Henderson, PJ, Bob Wilson, Rob Robinson, Ryan Hillam, Louis Frese, John Cross,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Program in Facilities Management

This month, Facilities Management introduces a new employee-to-employee recognition program. Different departments have ways to acknowledge employees for their work, but FM has not had a comprehensive program that facilitates recognition and appreciation from one individual to another.

The HERO program seeks to fill that gap. Starting this month, FM employees will be able to pick up HERO cards, pictured above, for use as a sort of institutional thank you card. Pick some up from your administrative assistant or drop by Mary Ellen’s office, room 222 in building 350.  Filling out the cards is simple. Include your name, the name of the person you’d like to thank or recognize, and leave it on their desk, in their workspace, or mailbox.

The cards are for everyone’s use and are available to every department. The Communication Planning Team is working on increasing opportunities for recognition across the organization. The HERO card is one of many new initiatives coming to FM this year. This organization is made up of wonderful people who frequently help each other out, by sharing work on projects or just consistently offering a friendly smile. The HERO card will allow all of us to say, thanks.

HERO Program 
Employee to Employee Recognition

Friday, February 7, 2014

In The Spotlight

Stacy Hendrickson
Custodial Trainer

In a department as large as and spread out as Custodial Services it is difficult to remember everyone, but Stacy Hendricksen is one person everyone knows.

Hendricksen and Lewis Palmer are the Trainers in the Custodial Department. They interact with all new hires during a four-course training session on topics like chemical safety and floor care.  Over the last 11 years Hendricksen has worked with the department in various roles and is the go-to source for any difficult cleans or complicated techniques.

While Hendricksen and Palmer cover a lot of information during their training sessions, Hendricksen says the most important thing new hires can do is keep learning.

“Learn as much as you can while you are here and remember you don’t learn everything in a day,” Hendricksen said.  “And always remember how important your job is to the school, we keep this little city running.”

“I Love campus,” Hendricksen said. “We get to help so many students, staff and departments it really connects you to the U experience.”

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Janus Awards Elevate Campus Cleanliness

In July of 2012 the Custodial Services Department introduced the Janus Award to staff of the department. The award introduced a friendly competition between crews in the department and has elevated the overall cleanliness of buildings.

The purpose of the award was to help build consistency in cleaning standards and expectations for the department and after more than a year the results are proving the award has been a success.
In year-to-year comparison for the months that overlapped, there was 3.6-percent increase across all areas. Some individual buildings have seen as much as a 20-percent increase in their monthly scores.
The crew that has the top score wins a catered breakfast.

While at first staff was hesitant towards the idea of competition the majority of crew leaders have embraced the program and now have metrics to more accurately gauge their work flow and better train their staff.  Scores are tabulated based on averages across square footage. Inspectors visit each building every month to check items of importance to the department. They inspect numerous elements of equipment, restrooms and common areas.

The staff that inspect for the award are students at the U. Custodial Services department sees this as a boon because they are the target demographic the department cleans for.

“It is great that we are able to employ students as building inspectors,” says Stacy Hendrickson, a trainer for the department. “We get the perspective of our campuses main users, and that is a great benefit to us.”

In year-to-year comparison for the months that overlapped, there was 3.6-percent increase across all areas. Some individual buildings have seen as much as a 20-percent increase in their monthly scores.