Friday, June 28, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Aislynn Schultz

This is part of a series where we hope to feature some of the wonderful and impressive things our employees are a part of outside of their work and this campus.  

Aislynn Schultz has been working for the University of Utah for 2 years in Campus Utility Services in administrative support with 10 years’ experience outside of campus. She is a passionate worker not just on campus but in her personal life as reflected in her participation in volunteering for CAWS (Community Animal Welfare Society). 

Aislynn volunteer’s 64 hours a month with CAWS on average a month. She began to volunteer because she found out Utah is a ‘gas chamber state’.  Most animal shelters in Utah have a gas chamber in them and most of them actively use the chambers to euthanize homeless cats and dogs.  She was upset by this and decided she could not save every animal from this horrible fate, but she could try and save some of them and educating the public about adopting a dog versus the true cost of buying one along with spay/neutering animals is important as knowledge is power and that leads to change.  When people buy a pet from a breeder, online seller or pet store they could be supporting the breeding of more pets, many of whom will wind up in shelters that are already overcrowded.
CAWS is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to work with the community to help animals.  As one of Utah’s oldest Animal Rescues, CAWS’ ongoing rescue, foster, education and adoption programs helps animals whose time is up at shelters, those who are abandoned, and as their resources allow, those whom their owners can no longer keep.  They are a No Kill organization. 

They are part of the Best Friends Animal Society – the largest animal sanctuary in the USA, located right here in Kanab Utah.  As part of the collation CAWS attends all of the Best Friends adoption events.  Our next adoption event is Strut Your Mutt on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Liberty Park from 8:30am-1:00pm.  If you would like to join the CAWS dog pack and ‘Strut your Mutt’ use this link to register and join the CAWS dog pack:

CAWS does not have a facility.  We are a 100% non-profit all volunteer organization.  Our rescued cats and dogs live in foster homes.  For example, I am a foster home for a dog.  I take the rescue dog into my home from a Utah shelter and give the dog shelter, food and love.  The dog lives with her until s/he is adopted into its forever home. 

Adopt; Don’t Shop.  Volunteer, Foster or Donate.  If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation to CAWS, please use the following link to donate to Aislynn Schultz’s ‘Strut Your Mutt’ Fundraising Page.  100% of your donation goes to CAWS rescue to assist with homeless animals:
CAWS website is:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aline Wilmot Skaggs Biology Air Handler and Cooling System Project

Recently the chiller in the Aline Wilmot Skaggs Biology building was replaced with a new evaporative cooling unit by Facility Operations due to chronic temperature control problems.  The new equipment has software control that allows for full maximization of the system. A change to the sequence of operations better utilizes the wet bulb temperatures to keep the building cool without the use of chillers. Chillers, like more familiar household air-conditioning units, are used in large buildings to cool the water used in industrial air-conditioning practices.

Evaporative technology is older but with the use of advanced technology through the control software, the unit is able to cool more efficiently. When temperatures reached 100 degrees Monday, June 10th the unit was able to maintain 55 degree air discharge temperature through the use of evaporative cooling which cooled the building to 72 degrees inside.

Evaporative cooling is used in both new and older buildings where applicable. For example, the new business building has an evaporative and indirect cooling system alongside chillers.  The savings in emissions and energy use are substantial when able to use evaporative and indirect cooling systems.

Those consulted on this project were Building Automations, HVAC, Facility Operations, Energy Management, Sustainability, and Russ Weaver at Atkinson Electronics. This is the type of teamwork, dedication, and innovation that contributes to the continued success of the University of Utah.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Plumbing Shop Location Change

The Plumbing Shop recently changed campus locations from Building 350 VRTUSB to Building 215 on Guardsman Way. The Shop moved to make more room for the Plumbing and Carpenter Shops.

The Plumbing Shop services buildings on the Campus, Fort Douglas, and Research Park. Their responsibilities include the water mains, sewer mains, the Storm Drains, Gas Mains, and Secondary Water lines on Campus. They have also been put in charge of the retention ponds that are being incorporated on Campus as well as maintaining the drinking water reservoirs, swimming pools and 1,000+ back flows to campus Fort Douglas and Research Park. The Plumbing Shop is also charged with maintaining the Hot and Cold water lines, Sewers and Acid waist, softeners, water treatment for the heating systems, Gas lines, Roof drains, and Plumbing Fixtures in the University’s Buildings.

Campus departments may use Campus Orders for filter services or to service equipment not currently maintained.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Class Gift of 2013

A recent project the Metal/Sign Shop constructed was the Class Gift of 2013.

(left to right) Clint Andrews, Dean Ottesen, Daniel Schaerrer and Stephen Pratt (not present).

ASUU will have this set up over by the Union Building with the ability to set this up at different locations on campus.  What inspires U?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Caught in the Act Core Values - Safety

It’s safe to say that these individuals enjoyed their reward for being Caught in the Act from March to May:

Ben Killpack – Plumbing – Safety, Teamwork

Bill Davis – Electric Shop – Teamwork, Innovation, Safety, Excellence

Bob Wilson – Transportation – Customer Service, Excellence

Brady Ryan – Waste Management – Teamwork, Excellence

Chris Powers – Custodial Area 1 – Customer Service, Teamwork, Safety, Excellence

Courtney Bray – Construction Project Delivery – Customer Service

Dale Hoskins – Metal Shop – Customer Service, Excellence

Elena Ilcov-Belei – Custodial Area 2 – Teamwork

Glen Nelson – Custodial Area 3 – Teamwork

Grant Krinke – HVAC Shop – Excellence

Idalino Godhino – Custodial Area 2 – Teamwork

Jake Thoma – Plumbing – Customer Service, Teamwork, Excellence

Jason Cloward – Electric Shop – Customer Service, Teamwork, Safety, Excellence

JD Feliciano – Custodial Area 2 – Teamwork

Jedd Updegrove – Electric Shop – Teamwork, Innovation, Safety, Excellence, Customer Service

Joeleen Thompson – Dispatch – Teamwork

John Palo – Facility Automation – Teamwork, Innovation

Johnny Dawson – Custodial Area 2 – Customer Service, Teamwork, Safety, Excellence

Jon Dean – Electric Shop – Customer Service, Teamwork, Safety, Excellence, Innovation

Josh Singleton – Plumbing – Safety, Customer Service, Teamwork, Excellence

Justin Barnes – Work Planning – Customer Service, Excellence

Kim Collard – Data Systems – Customer Service, Teamwork, Excellence

Larry Smith – Custodial Area 2 – Teamwork

Lonnie Medina – Metal Shop – Customer Service

Lora Mortensen – Facility and Construction Operations – Teamwork, Excellence

Mark Godfrey – Electric – Teamwork, Innovation, Safety, Excellence

Mark Tennant – HVAC Shop – Excellence

Matt McCoy – Plumbing – Customer Service, Teamwork, Excellence, Safety

Matt Vreeland – Custodial Area 3 – Customer Service, Excellence

Missy Tyrell – Construction Project Delivery – Innovation

Reggie Williams – Custodial Area – Customer Service

Rob Robinson – Construction Project Delivery – Customer Service, Excellence

Robert Garcia – Custodial Area 2 – Teamwork

Ryan Hillam – Construction Project Delivery - Customer Service, Excellence

Steve Hughes – HVAC Shop – Excellence

Troy Danvers – Metal Shop – Customer Service, Excellence

Do you know of someone who should be recognized for going above and beyond to support our core values? Let a supervisor know!

Core Values:
Customer Service

We protect ourselves, those we work with, and others around us from harm as we perform each task.