Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Employee Spotlight: Sue Pope

This is the first in a series where we hope to feature some of the wonderful and impressive things our employees are a part of outside of their work and this campus.  

Sue Pope has been working for the University of Utah for 28 years in the Landscape Maintenance Department, 12 years as a greenhouse coordinator and 16 years as the Supervisor of Landscape Maintenance. She is a hard worker not just on campus but in her personal life as reflected in her Ironwoman status.

Sue Pope has been competing in triathlons since 2004.  She started out with Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons which included 1 mile swimming, 24 miles biking and a 10K run.  In 2008 she wanted another challenge and entered the Half or 70.3 Ironman distance which included 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles biking and a 13.1 mile run.  She has participated in the Boise, Idaho Half Ironman and placed 1st in her age group of 45-49.  This qualified her for the world championship in Clear Water, Florida where she place 13th in her age group.

 In 2009 Sue dropped down to the Olympic distance triathlons and competed in local and out of state races where she placed in the top 3. Due to an injury she was out most of the season in 2010 and competed in a few local Olympic triathlons towards the end of the season.  2011 found Sue competing in local Olympic distance races, Two Half Ironman races in Boise, Idaho and Oceanside, California.  She placed 1st in Boise and 3rd in Oceanside, California for her age group.  This qualified her for the World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada where she placed 2nd for her age group. 
Next, In 2012 Sue competed in the Oceanside, California ½ Ironman where she placed 4th in her age group. 2012 also found Sue playing in a National Volleyball master tournament for 2 weeks where she developed a stress fracture in her sacrum. The rest of the summer she biked and swam because of this injury.  In November, she participated in the Florida Ironman where she placed 1st in her age group of 50-54. An Ironman triathlon is 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking and a 26.2 mile run.  This has qualified her for the Kona, Hawaii Ironman in October of 2013 where she will be competing with some of the top athletes in the world. 
Sue is currently training 12-15 hours a week which consists of working out 2-3 times a day with longer runs and bike rides on the weekend.  She trains year round and focuses on her weak points in the off season.  Her next race is May 5th in the 70.3 Ironman in St. George, Utah.  She will spend some time in Kona, Hawaii to acclimate to the weather and heat for the Kona Ironman in October 2013.  

Sue is a great asset to Facility Operations.  We are supportive of her Ironman journey and wish her luck in her races this year.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Removal Crew

Have you seen our awesome snow removal crew out and about on campus?  They do such a great job making campus safe for us on snowy winter days. This crew is made up of three very dedicated departments on campus.

Transportation Crew
This crew consists of 7 full time employees while other facility maintenance employees are recruited from other departments to plow snow in 12 hr. shifts. They keep University maintained roads by the hospital and around campus open, high use parking lots, moving snow piles to improve parking access and to improve traffic and pedestrian flow. Weekend snow removal is performed as needed to all roads and parking lots. Transportation works closely with parking services to respond to their customers’ needs.

Roads and Parking lots
·         8.7 miles of roads.
·         Parking lots : 182 acres
·         90 total parking lots

Landscape Maintenance
This crew consists of 51 employees. They hand shovel stairs, entrances, curb cuts, handicap ramps, de-ice sidewalks, confined spaces, narrow ramps and small walks with trucks and golf carts, plow sidewalks and patios, and assist in parking lots as needed. 

Stairs, walks, ramps
·         Sidewalks: 61 miles of sidewalk
·         807 sets of stairs
·         182 buildings
·         63 ADA ramps

Custodial Services

This crew takes care of the entrance ways and walkways to the entrances for 112 buildings on campus. They use salt and ice melt so that entry ways are safe for all of the people going in and out of buildings.
Let them know how much you appreciate all of their hard work and dedication!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Caught in the Act Core Values - Customer Service

These employees rang in the New Year with their extraordinary contributions to the core values and objectives of Facility and Construction Operations and redeemed their Caught in the Act cards during the month of January!

Duane Parkin, Electric Shop: Customer Service

Johnny Dawson, Custodial Area 2: Excellence

Rod Rodgers, Electric Shop: Customer Service

Rachel Lang, Custodial Area 2: Customer Service

Bill Billingsley, CPD: Teamwork

Aric Farnsworth, CPD: Teamwork

Jed Updegrove, Electric Shop: Customer Service

Larry Smith, Custodial Area 2: Teamwork

Patricia Johnson, Custodial Area 2: Teamwork

Marvin Jones, Custodial Area 2: Customer Service

Steve Laraway, CPD: Teamwork

Andy Murphy, HVAC: Teamwork

Joe Berchtold, HVAC: Teamwork

Donna Brockbank, Custodial Area 2: Teamwork

Jessica Cooke, Facility Operations: Customer Service, Teamwork, Excellence

Nate Miles, Project Planning: Customer Service

Liz Blackner, CPD: Customer Service, Teamwork

Tom Gutierrez, Custodial Specialty Crew: Teamwork

Valerie Johnson, Data Systems: Teamwork

Idalino Godinho, Custodial Area 2: Teamwork

Deanne Flandro, Dispatch: Customer Service

Steve Cook, Electric Shop: Teamwork, Excellence

Do you know of someone who should be recognized for going above and beyond to support our core values? Let a supervisor know!

Core Values:
Customer Service

Customer Service
We are the provider of choice by providing quality, safe, cost-effective, and timely services. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Fond Farewell

As many of you are aware, Jessica Cooke the Facility Operations Administrative Assistant has moved to sunny St. George.

Her farewell party was Friday February 1 in USB 218.

Many came to say goodbye and express their appreciation for all of her hard work over her 4 years with Facility Operations. We will miss her!

Congratulations to Jessica on this new Chapter in her life.